Thursday, April 30, 2015


5/19 cafe bourbon street with wvwhite, fleshlights
5/20 carabar with vacation, treasure fleet, adults
7/25 CHICAGO, IL re 'negative scanner record release'
8/3 ace of cups with growwing pains + more

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


i want to kill every CEO
i want everyone i know to give up decidedly and without hesitation
i want to try and fall short
i want to watch you watch my eyes move in and out of focus while we're speaking

i want to paint a picture i don't like
and look at it all the time

once was a time i thought
love could be sold and bought
and sold again for less than what you paid for it
i want to walk out on my job
i want to get a different job
just so someone can tell me how much i could make for them

they'll say 'this is the part where you don't talk'

email subject line reads 're been thinking lately'
i want to describe something to you
using words that seem not like me
paint by number like descriptions
of how we've been getting on lately
i want to blend in all the colors

i want to be forgotten
i want to be remembered for being forgotten

* recorded 4/7/15 with nick schuld in north campus

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

these four pictures were taken by alex blocher
alex emailed me these pictures, thank you alex
they are from adam elliot's art show at cafe bourbon street in columbus
dylan mccartney wrote a review of our tape at 'it won't die'
dylan plays in the bands mardou, vacation, polish slug, and sleeves
once, at his house in cincinnati, i told him i felt like he had accomplished a lot for being 22 years old and he thought i was making fun of him
i cut my finger with a knife today at work
it scabbed over but opened up again while writing this blog post and i bled on my computer a little
yuze boys has no upcoming shows thank you

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

playing art show on 3/27 for adam elliot, andy clager + more

also playing are the american jobs, raw pony, negative scanner, (((reverbalines))), banjo dave

fb event (

Monday, March 9, 2015

the tape is $5, there are 6 songs on it
you can listen to it on youtube
i think max is going to upload it to bandcamp
so you will be able to download it
email if you want a 'review copy' of the tape

here is a video
here is another video

here are pictures from the puberty wounds show at 'only loud'
only loud is a blog alex blocher recently started
alex is in a band called nuclear moms
he takes good looking black and white photos of bands from columbus

next yuze boys show is 3/27 at cafe bourbon street in columbus
it is an art show for adam elliott
will post more details later

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

upcoming shows

2/8/ cincinnati, oh @ cide central + new void, sour ground
2/27 athens, oh @ pink mistress + katherine, stench consultants, frankie teardrop, slut castle
2/28 columbus, oh @ mint + katherine, ipps, the american jobs, dj aaaquarius
3/4 columbus, oh @ legion of doom + puberty wounds, discrow, muscles plant, slugbugs
3/5 bloomington, in @ kroger castle + russian top gun, spew
3/6 chicago, il @ mutiny + negative scanner
3/7 milwaukee, wi @ cocoon room + butter, phylums, tim the enchanter?

local press & other things

interview with columbus free press
t shirt design by matt aull
bootleg cassette from 1/15 gig, via bug cartel
'wee snaw' by winston hightower uploaded to youtube