Tuesday, April 7, 2015


i want to kill every CEO
i want everyone i know to give up decidedly and without hesitation
i want to try and fall short
i want to watch you watch my eyes move in and out of focus while we're speaking

i want to paint a picture i don't like
and look at it all the time

once was a time i thought
love could be sold and bought
and sold again for less than what you paid for it
i want to walk out on my job
i want to get a different job
just so someone can tell me how much i could make for them

they'll say 'this is the part where you don't talk'

email subject line reads 're been thinking lately'
i want to describe something to you
using words that seem not like me
paint by number like descriptions
of how we've been getting on lately
i want to blend in all the colors

i want to be forgotten
i want to be remembered for being forgotten

* recorded 4/7/15 with nick schuld in north campus

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